Resist-a-Flame ™ Stain – 1 Gallon Clear

Resist-a-Flame ™ Stain is an enhanced form of our fire resistive product that incorporates a two-in-one protective coating when a stain is also desired. This can be used to provide long lasting beauty and protection for hardwood floors, exposed trim, and any virgin wood that should be sealed.


Resist-a-Flame ™ is a lab tested, fire inhibiting product that will save lives and property.


Resist-a-Flame ™ is unique from other “Fire Resistive” products. It’s eco-friendly and easy to apply to wood and other materials with standard paint equipment (sprayed or brushed) and is ASTM E84 & ASTM E119 Class A rated in lab tests with the lowest tolerance for flame spread and smoke development. Needlessly, most people die in fires from smoke inhalation because they don’t have time to escape before losing consciousness and being overcome by the flames. Although the solution to prevent such tragedies is clear and obvious, our product,


Resist-a-Flame ™ must conquer the huge hurdle of complacency-by the homeowner, property owner, occupant or landlord. Most think fire disasters are only likely to happen to someone else.. until they become “the someone else.”


Resist-a-Flame ™ will save lives while also protecting fire fighters who are vulnerable to collapsing buildings and flash overs.
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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in