Resist-a-Flame Mold Inhibitor™

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Resist-a-Flame Mold Inhibitor™ is absorbed into porous materials, and prevents black mold and mildew from growing on surfaces by blocking moisture absorption.

While the potential for damaging fires is commonly overlooked by homeowners, no problems cause more damage and health issues than do mold and termites.  Real estate agentsFree Articles, extermination specialists and mold inspectors have put an emphasis on regular inspections so that homeowners aren’t taken by surprise by these things.  Taking care of your home will ensure that it provides you with comfortable living for years to come. For new home construction, getting ahead of these costly disasters from the ground up is essential.

Mold removal from a residential crawlspace costs between $500 and $4000, but the final cost of a typical mold cleanup project usually ranges from $2000 to $6000.

Proactive protection against these costly damages with Resist-a-Flame™ is the most efficient and effective method to save money and increase property values.

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