Resist-a-Flame™ Fire Preventive Coatings

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If there were a vaccine to prevent cancer, wouldn’t you want your whole family vaccinated? And what if there were a “vaccine” for your home to prevent fire disasters! Wouldn’t protecting your family, pets and property be a no-brainer?

Guaranteed*   Proactive protection with Resist-a-Flame™ fire coating could have prevented this!

Protection with Resist-a-Flame™ would have prevented this.
Escaping this is worth a smile. Our next house will be protected with Resist-a-Flame
  • accidental fires are suppressed or inhibited in treated materials.

Contact us to learn how eliminating potential for fires, black mold and mildew, termites and other insects, and corrosion, can increase property values , sometimes with little or no cost to property owners, and often putting money back into their pockets.


Additional Available BPC Products

All Resist-a-Flame antimicrobial coatings contain zero-VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Fumes emitted by volatile organic compounds can cause eye and skin irritation, can trigger asthma attacks and headaches, and have been linked (when there has been long-term exposure) to cancers and damage to the liver and kidneys. EPA regulations allow interior water-based paints and coatings, for instance, to contain up to 250 grams of VOCs per liter. Our green eco-friendly products, with zero VOCs, far exceed those requirements and totally alleviate those health concerns.

Our all-in-one-primer is available for total protection against fires, black mold, termites, and corrosion.

Resist-a-Flame RF-T10™ Insect Inhibitor is absorbed into wood and other porous materials, and repels ants, termites, roaches, crickets and any other wood-boring Insect.

Termites are silent and very difficult to detect. They can eat on the wood in your home for years before you ever know you have a problem. And each year, unfortunate homeowners fork out thousands of dollars to repair termite damage. In fact, termites cause more damage than fires and floods combined. If you plan to renovate your bathroom and discover termite damage, it will cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $8,000 to make necessary repairs. The worst part is most insurance plans do not protect against the havoc that termites can cause.

Basically, chemical termite extermination will be priced by linear foot. If your home is about 1,250-sq ft or 150-linear ft, its cost would amount to $1,350 to $2,500. So if your home structure is 200-linear ft or 2,500-sq ft, termite treatment cost is $1,700 – $3,200.

Resist-a-Flame RF-M99™ Mold Inhibitor is absorbed into porous materials and prevents black mold and mildew from growing on the surface by blocking moisture absorption.

Mold removal from a residential crawlspace costs between $500 and $4000, but the final cost of a typical mold cleanup project usually ranges from $2000 to $6000.

While the potential for damaging fires is commonly overlooked by homeowners, no problems cause more damage and health issues than do mold and termites.  Real estate agentsFree Articles, extermination specialists and mold inspectors have put an emphasis on regular inspections so that homeowners aren’t taken by surprise by these things.  Taking care of your home will ensure that it provides you with comfortable living for years to come. For new home construction, getting ahead of these costly disasters from the ground up is essential. With Resist-a-Flame RF-M99™ Mold Inhibitor, that protection is assured.

Resist-a-Flame RF-C70™ corrosion protection is a passive cementitious fire protective coating, used to prevent or delay the failure of steel and concrete structures exposed to fire. This product is intended to insulate the structural members during the event of a fire, delaying any loss of the integrity of the structural members, and provides protection against corrosive elements. Some common types of steel lose 10% of their strength at 450 C (840 F), and 40% at 550 C (1022 F). At temperatures above 800 C ( 1475 F), it has lost 90% of its strength. Resist-a-Flame™, lab-tested at more than 1800­°F, deflects heat, keeping metals cooler longer.


Mulch Fires–Overlooked Hazards

Question: A story appeared in a local newspaper about a house that burned down and the garden mulch was listed as a possible cause. Is mulch really a fire hazard?!

Answer: Mulch is flammable and once it catches fire, that fire can be very persistent. If the mulch is touching the side of a building, the fire can easily spread to the building. Mulch fires are most likely in dry, hot weather. The Virginia Department of Forestry also cites “non-smoking” public buildings as at higher risk; if people discard cigarette butts in the mulch before entering the building, that mulch may ignite.

Some kinds of mulch are more combustible than others. In a study by The Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute, cocoa hulls never ignited while rubber mulch showed flames in less than a minute. The researchers noted that with most mulches, fire smoldered under the surface of the mulch for some time before flames appeared. Shredded mulch ignited quicker than chunky mulch. The researchers cited cocoa shells, medium pine bark nuggets and hardwood barks as the safest choices, especially in sites frequented by smokers.

Proactive protection with Resist-a-Flame™ products against these costly damages is the most efficient and effective method to save lives, properties and money, while significantly increasing property values.




    mulch                  wood              sheetrock          steel

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Resist-a-Flame™ products are independent-lab-tested fire preventive products, comprised of proprietary trade secret chemical formulas that inhibit combustion of any treated material. A green product, safe and easy to apply, it is water-based, non-toxic, and eco-friendly.

Resist-a-Flame™ is unique from other “fire resistive” products. Time and money savings can be maximized when combined with primers. It’s eco-friendly and easy to apply to wood and other materials with standard paint equipment (sprayed or brushed or dipped–pressure treatment also available) and is ASTM E84 & ASTM E119 Class A rated in independent lab tests (including UL Canada), with the lowest tolerance for flame spread and smoke development.



Resist-a-Flame™ will help save lives, giving you and your loved ones time to evacuate. Most injuries and fatalities that occur from fires are caused by smoke inhalation after the victims lose consciousness and are then overcome by the flames. Our products will help to protect fire fighters who are vulnerable to collapsing buildings and flashovers.

  NFPA report – Firefighter injuries in the United States  

  • 63,350 firefighter injuries were reported in the U.S in 2014.  Of these, 27,015 were injuries at the fireground.
  • The number of fireground injuries per 1,000 fires has remained relatively constant for the past 20 years, which reinforces the need for continued standards development, as well as fire prevention outreach and advocacy.
  • There were an estimated 18,500 documented exposures to hazardous conditions (e.g. asbestos, chemicals, fumes, radioactive materials, other) in 2014. This amounts to 1 exposure per 55 hazardous condition runs by fire departments.

ladder-12-roofCompetitors’ products are toxic, biodegradable, and contain excessive levels of VOCs. And unlike our products, most of theirs are reactive intumescent paints, which are only effective after a fire has reached a high heat level. Resist-a-Flame™ is a proactive product that inhibits ignition.

Resist-a-Flame™ Superior benefits

  • Passive fire protection
  • All green products
  • Eco-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Protects steel
  • Deflects heat
  • Protects concrete
  • Cementitious
  • Anti-termite
  • Anti-mold/mildew
  • Vapor barrier seals out moisture
  • Ideal for pro-active forest fire prevention
  • Inorganic composition
  • Zero-VOCs
  • Combines with primer and latex paints
  • 800+ sq ft per gallon – one thin film

*All of our products are comprised of proprietary trade secret formulas